Our guild is growing and so is the work needed to keep it going! Help your guild become great by volunteering for a committee. All committees are listed below. Also listed below is the list of board positions and their responsibilities. Both Board members and Committee members serve a one year term, March to February.

Committee responsibilities 


  • Find charitible opportunities
  • Coordinate with charities to determine needs
  • Communicate these needs to the guild and encourage donations and participation in charity projects
  • Work with Website committee to post about charitable opportunities on the blog, including any patterns or instructions as necessary

Speakers & programs

  • Find and schedule low or no-cost speakers or demos for our monthly meetings (can be people in the group)
  • Send out reminders to speakers as necessary
  • Organize any needs the speakers might have
  • Work with the Website committee to maintain a list and description of scheduled speakers, demos, or workshops on the public blog


  • Find ways to publicize and grow the group, including creating and distributing marketing materials or handouts
  • Coordinate with other area guilds, shops, or groups to promote our guild
  • Work with local and online shops to get sponsors/affiliates, member discounts, etc.
  • Work with Website committee to get sponsors/advertising for the blog


  • Organize snacks/food and other niceties for meetings and other events
  • Welcome visitors and new members, makes sure they have any questions answered
  • Work with Flaun to assemble and distribute welcome packets to new members
  • Organize the holiday social in December

Door prize & Two-bit bags

  • Locate door prizes and two-bit bag items by soliciting donations from members or businesses
  • Have door prize (name tag) drawing and two-bit bag drawings


  • Think of and organize fundraising opportunities
  • Organize the garage sale for the April meeting


  • Work with Web coordinator to maintain blog, Flickr site, and members-only blog
  • Fill in with blog posts in empty spots if necessary
  • Help solicit and post member spotlights for new members
  • Send out reminders for blog posts

Board positions and responsibilities

President (Colby L.)

  • Lead meetings (regular and board)
  • Serve as spokesperson for the guild
  • Fill-in or find someone who can in any other necessary capacity as needs arise

Vice president (Marie P.)

  • In the absence of the President, lead meetings
  • Assume the responsibilities of the President in the event the President cannot complete the term of elected office
  • Oversee the review of the guild by-laws
  • Collect membership forms, dues, and visitor's fees
  • Maintain the membership roster, guild attendance records, and distribute membership cards
  • Keep the list of members at the Textile Center library up to date

Treasurer (Andrea S.)

  • Receive and bank all guild funds
  • Maintain bookkeeping records of all funds
  • Disburse funds as authorized
  • Make a financial statement available to members
  • Provide a financial report to be presented to the membership in May

Secretary (Rebecca L.)

  • Keep minutes of the general and board meetings or arrange for a substitute
  • Post the minutes of the general meetings on the guild website shortly after the monthly meeting

Web coordinator (Sarah M.)

  • Maintain the guild website, facebook pages, and email account. 
  • Keep the contact list in the guild email account up to date each month
  • Add website functions as necessary
  • Maintain Flickr group
  • Oversee the Website committee and delegate tasks as necessary
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