Hey all! This week is the April meeting at our usual time, 7pm at the Textile Center. Please remember to sign up for a team if you are going to be there! We have sent out sign up forms via email and it is also posted in the Facebook group. If you are interested in joining, but didn't or cannot see either please email us at minneapolismqg@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns!
As we are now moving into the second quarter of 2019 we hope you are all working diligently to move through your MMQG 19 in 19 list! Don't forget to see Sarah at the meetings to get your projects checked off of the list and bring them in for show and tell! We love to see all of the fun projects you are working through and you never know when your new project may just inspire someone else to try something new as well.  We cannot wait to see you all at the meeting this Thursday!

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