Hey all! This week is the April meeting at our usual time, 7pm at the Textile Center. Please remember to sign up for a team if you are going to be there! We have sent out sign up forms via email and it is also posted in the Facebook group. If you are interested in joining, but didn't or cannot see either please email us at minneapolismqg@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns!
As we are now moving into the second quarter of 2019 we hope you are all working diligently to move through your MMQG 19 in 19 list! Don't forget to see Sarah at the meetings to get your projects checked off of the list and bring them in for show and tell! We love to see all of the fun projects you are working through and you never know when your new project may just inspire someone else to try something new as well.  We cannot wait to see you all at the meeting this Thursday!

February Meeting - Prep & Take: Map Quilts

Join us this Thursday, February 21 at 7pm for a Prep & Take meeting! We'll be prepping Map Quilts - a fun, fusible applique project.

We will have some map printouts available at the meeting, but you can also bring one (here is a great resource for finding some cool maps https://goo.gl/C4o5sA). You'll want to crop and enlarge a portion of the map to fit on a piece of letter paper (this can be done in Google Docs or Word).

We'll provide the fusible webbing, and will have some fabric available.

You'll want to bring - a piece of background fabric and any other fabric you want to use, scissors for cutting details or an X-acto knife with a cutting mat, and if anyone has an ironing station they'd be willing to bring, we would appreciate it.

By the end of the meeting you'll have a piece prepped for quilting! Hope to see you all there, let me know if you have any questions!

Setting Goals with MMQG's 19 in 19

MMQG wants to help you get through some WIPs you might have, learn that new technique you've been eyeing, finally recover that ironing board, whatever quilty goals you might have. Join us in setting 19 goals for 2019! To join download the Goal Sheet, fill it out, and post a pic here on our Facebook group and/or Instagram (make sure to tag us @mplsmqg) or bring the list to the February meeting for us to keep track of throughout the year. Then throughout the year keep us in the loop on what you’re working on by posting to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MMQG19in19 or bringing things to meetings. We want this to be enjoyable, so break your goals down into pieces that are doable. Instead of ‘finish Long Time Gone quilt’, break it up to multiple goals, ‘cut out blocks’, ‘piece blocks’, ‘assemble top’ (to be honest, I’d break this one down even further, it’s an intense pattern!). And it’s quilty goals, so that may be finishing quilts, but can also be learning a new technique, trying a new tool, visiting a quilt shop you’ve always wanted to visit, taking a sewing-related class, sewing a garment or a bag, etc. What motivates better than prizes? Well support and encouragement from your fellow quilters, but prizes are pretty cool too. So of course there will be some throughout the year to give you that extra nudge. To be eligible for prizes, make sure you post or hand in your Goal Sheet by Thursday, February 21st. And this is definitely open to non-members (the more the merrier) but due to logistics we need to limit prizes to current MMQG members. We’ll check-in occasionally on Facebook and Instagram, and we hope to see projects at meetings during Show and Tell. If you’re interested in a monthly reminder/motivational email, join the mailing list http://eepurl.com/gez13X

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