Quilt Show

The Dakota County Star Quilters has invited MMQG members to once again participate in their annual quilt show.  Several members exhibited last year and even won a few ribbons! This is an opportunity to share our creativity and passion for modern quilts.

The quilt show is held February 13 - March 13, 2018 at the Historical Museum in South St. Paul. All show information can be found at www.dcsq.org including the quilt registration sheet needed for every quilt entered. The registration form needs to be included when you turn your quilt in or may be mailed to the DCSQ member listed on the website by February 2nd if you plan to drop off the quilt yourself. Quilts need to have a hanging sleeve, though it can be a pinned sleeve. A label with your name and MMQG on the back is also suggested.

We will be collecting quilts for the show at our next meeting on January 18th. Please bring your quilt(s) in some type of bag for protection and easy transport. Colby will be delivering the quilts to the museum on one of the drop off dates.  Or you may drop off quilts yourself; dates are on the website.  Jan will be assisting on take down day and will pick up the quilts then return them at the next MMQG meeting on March 15.

We have also been invited to participate in the silent quilt auction.  Any type of quilted item less than 36x36 will work.  MMQG will receive a majority portion of the proceeds from this auction to go toward our operating expenses. These quilts also will be collected at the January meeting. A label is also suggested for these; a registration form is not needed.

DCSQ is also hosting a speaker and holding a workshop if you are interested.  All information is on their website.

Please list questions on the MMQG Facebook post.

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