Modern Free Motion Quilting Lecture & Workshop

Join us for our monthly meeting this Thursday, June 15th to hear from Faye Hoch, of Twin Cities Quilting, all about free motion quilting.

Then we have the opportunity to offer members a modern free motion quilting workshop at Faye's shop! Registration ( is now open and space is limited (only 10 spots available) so register soon!

Here is a description of the class and a supply list -

Modern Free Motion Quilting
Sunday, July 23, 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm
Registration Fee - $60

This class is for those who’ve learned to free motion quilt but want to improve their skills and move forward in a more meaningful way.  It is meant to inspire you and teach you how to get more satisfying results.  You’ll learn how to imagine and quilt more intricate, sophisticated designs to complement your pieced or appliqué quilts.  You’ll also practice how to vary a theme for many different quilting patterns and results.

Class Supplies:
  • Two quilt sandwiches.  One at 20 x 20.  One at 30 x 45.
  • Make your sandwiches from fusible batting  (I prefer Hobbs 80/20) and solid or solid-like fabrics.  
  • Bring a thread color that contrasts with the fabric colors you use.  Wind a bobbin with the same thread.
  • Make sure your machine is in good working order, that you understand the tension settings you need for the threads you are using and have the free motion foot that you prefer attached.  Most machine manufacturers make more than one foot.  Talk to your representative to make sure you get one that suits your needs.
  • Pen, pencil and blank white paper (copy paper is good) for notes and drawing.
  • Marking pencil

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