MMQG + Dakota County Star Quilters in Modern Vintage

We have some great events coming up with the Dakota County Star Quilters!  See below for all the details -

Quilt Show - Modern Vintage
February 14 through March 11
South St. Paul Historical Society

Show hours:
Wednesday:  9am - 5pm
Thursday:     9am - 8pm
Friday:          9am - 5pm
Saturday:      10am - 3pm

There is not cost for admittance but a $5 donation to the South St. Paul Historical Society would be appreciated.

A boutique is open for visitors to shop at.  Beautiful quilts, and plenty of fabric is available for purchase.  

Donate a Small Quilt (<80 inches square) to Raise Money for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild!
There is also a small quilt auction that visitors can bid on during the run of the show. We split the proceeds with the Dakota County Star Quilters, so please feel free to donate any small quilts to help raise money for programs in the coming year!

DCSQ have invited us to showcase our quilts in this show - we'll be the 'modern' in 'Modern Vintage!'  
Please bring quilts you'd like to display (any size or pattern is welcome) to Kathy Lindstrom at our January MMQG meeting.  We'd love to have a lot of representation of all the hard work you do!  The requirements for this show are the same as the MQ show - e.g. they should have a hanging sleeve.  There is a registration form on their website for you to fill out and drop off with your quilt.

Mary Fons Lectures & Workshop:
Saturday, March 11
9am Lecture - "You Call That a Quilt?" Quilt Styles in America: Traditional, Contemporary, Studio/Art, and Modern
You'll never look at quilts the same way again. We examine the four different styles of quilts in America in all their fascinating glory. A "show-stopper" in terms of information given and "ooh-ahh" quilts to admire.

11am Lecture - 10 Things I Know About Quilting (and Life) NEW!
Mary's all grown-up. For the past eight years, Mary's been learning, teaching, failing/succeeding, creating video, designing fabric, recording TV shows, creating podcasts, lecturing, traveling, and of course, making quilts. She's learned a few things about making patchwork and teaching it -- and she's learned about life, too. Full of quilt making tips and inspiration, this funny/touching lecture is a favorite.

1pm Workshop - A Quilt Called Whisper
The Thousand Pyramid quilt is both modern and traditional. We'll learn to use the Fons & Porter 60-Degree Pyramid Ruler to cut our triangles; we'll also discuss how contrast still matters in monochrome quilts like "Whisper." Intermediate.
Fill out this form to register for Mary's events.

Hope to see you at the show and workshop!


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