2017 Board Nominations

According to our 2017 Bylaws, the duties of the officers are reflected below. If you wish to nominate yourself or another member, please do so through this link or at the January (1/19/17) or February (2/16/17) meetings. Voting will be held a the February meeting, board membership will go into effect at the March meeting.

President Duties
The President shall:
a. Preside at all general and Board meetings.
b. Attend committee meetings as an ex officio member of the committee as
c. Coordinate committee activities.
d. Perform other duties as required, as official spokesperson for the Guild.
e. Serve as co-signer with the Treasurer on checks issued by the Guild.

Vice President Duties
The Vice-President shall:
a. In the absence of the President, conduct Guild meetings and/or Board meetings.
b. Assume the responsibilities of the President in the event the President cannot
complete the term of elected office.
c. Oversee membership roster and Guild attendance records.

Secretary Duties
The Secretary shall:
a. Keep minutes of the general meetings or arrange for a substitute in his/her
b. Post the minutes of the General Meeting and Executive Board meeting on the
Guild website.
c. Keep minutes of the Executive Board meeting or arrange for a substitute in her
d. Maintain a record of all minutes for the term of office.

Treasurer Duties
The Treasurer shall:
a. Receive and bank all Guild monies.
b. Maintain bookkeeping records of all funds.
c. Disburse funds as authorized.
d. Serve as co-signer with other authorized Officers on checks of the Guild.
e. Make a financial statement available for the members.
f. Provide a financial statement to the Executive Board.

Communication Chair Duties
The Communication Chair shall:
a. Maintain the Guild website and Guild e-mail account
b. Edit website functions as necessary
c. Maintain online photo groups.
d. Conduct correspondence on behalf of guild

Charity Committee Chair Duties
The Charity Committee Chair shall:
a. Organize all Charity projects
b. Organize Charity sew-ins
c. Manage community partnerships
d. Manage donations  

Program Committee Chair Duties
The Program Committee Chair shall:
a. Handles scheduling, contracts, and logistics of all external speakers, teachers, etc.
b. Organizes workshop logistics
c. Manages speaker plan and budget

Welcome Committee Chair Duties
The Welcome Committee Chair shall:
a. Ensure that new and existing members feel welcome at the meeting
b. Provide voice to board on how to incorporate relationship and teamwork into meetings and events

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