New MMQG Charity Quilt Block

New MMQG Charity Quilt Block

Anyone tired of making 9-Patches?  Need a new challenge in your quilt making?  Want something quick to get those creative juices flowing? Need a small project to satisfy the sewing urge this month?

We have a new charity quilt block for the fall season!  Wonky Cross Blocks are quick, simple, challenging and yet satisfying.  And these blocks are a great use for strips of black and gray Kona that was donated by Louise Gray earlier this year.  On the charity table at the October meeting there will be a display and supplies to pick up, make at home and return to the next meeting.  Or if you would like, check the quick instructions below and make a few blocks using your own stash of leftover fabrics.

Thank you to everyone who has sewed, donated , encouraged, and applauded our charity efforts!  We are making progress toward a small stash of quilts so we are ready when requests are received.

PS - Yes, you can still make and donate 9-patches if that is your specialty!

Wonky Cross Block

  1. Cut fabric into 8 inch blocks.  Cut the cross pieces in various widths, ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ½ inches. For these blocks we will use gray or black Kona as the cross pieces and begin with the scraps provided to us by Louise Gray.
  2. To make a wonky block, make a vertical cut through one of the 8 inch blocks.  Use a ruler to make your straight cut. Vary the angle that you cut on subsequent blocks in order to achieve the wonky look from block to block.
  3. Insert one of the cross pieces, sewing it to each side of the vertical cut.
  4. Press the seams open.
  5. Make a horizontal cut through the block, again using the ruler.  Also again vary the angle of the cut made in further blocks.
  6. Insert the second cross piece, sewing to one side.  Carefully match and sew to the second side, checking to make sure the cross pieces line up correctly.  (Hint:  draw a line on the back side of the cross piece already attached which will extend the seam line across that piece. Pin the two pieces together by placing a pin through the line at the ¼ inch stich line and the seam you will be stitching to.  Check the placement on the right side and adjust as necessary so that the two parts of the inserted cross piece match as they go across the block.)  
  7. Press the seams open.
  8. Trim the block to 8 inches square.


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