MMQG Trunk Show for the White Bear Lake Guild

Our guild has been invited to present a Modern Quilting trunk show to the White Bear Lake Guild on June 21st from 1-3 pm at the Redeemer Lutheran Church on 3770 Bellaire Avenue in White Bear Lake. Jan is organizing this presentation and has a few favors to ask:

Comment on this post or email
1. With your definition of "What is modern quilting?"
2. Would you be able to attend the presentation and help represent our guild?
3. If you are able to attend would you be willing to bring a few of your quilts or projects to share as part of the trunk show?
4. If you are not able to attend would you be willing to lend some items for us to include? You could bring them to our next guild meeting on June 16th or I would gladly pick them up from you. I will also be happy to return them to their owners after the presentation. (Including the quilts used for our exhibit at the MN Quilters Show this week would be awesome!)

Thank you so much for helping represent our guild and our love for modern quilting!


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