Garage Sale Directions

Happy Leap Day!!!

We have the details for our upcoming Garage Sale that will take place at our March meeting on March 17th, at the Textile Center in Minneapolis! This is an annual event that allows our members to get rid of some of their quilting goods and also serves as a fundraiser for the guild. 25% of the proceeds will go to the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild to be used for programming costs.

We suggest that in order to make this fun for each other and in order to actually sell your goods, that you sell quilt shop quality fabric that would appeal to our group. It's not that we do not like Civil War prints, but they probably won't sell with this group so leave those at home! Below are some suggested items to bring along with suggested prices. You are welcome to price your items above or below these suggestions, especially if it is a retired designer print or if you want to make sure they don't come home with you. :)

Fat Quarter: $2
Half Yard: $4
Yard: $8
Book: $5
Bundle: $15
Notions: $3

To prepare your garage sale items please take the following steps for each item or group of items:

  • Firmly attach either a piece of tape or piece of paper that has the following information
    • Your full name (printed legibly)
    • Price of the item(s)
    • Approximate amount of fabric (if applicable)
  • If selling bundles of items, securely tie them together so that through handling it is very clear that those items are sold together

The pieces of paper will be gathered at the checkout and the total, minus the 25% guild cut will be tallied to determine the amount that will be paid to you at the April meeting. ALL ITEMS THAT ARE NOT SOLD ARE REQUIRED TO BE TAKEN HOME WITH YOU. 

We will accept Cash and Check, and Credit Card as payments.

If you have any questions, please post them on the Facebook group!

January Guild Meeting Recap

Here is a quick recap of our January meeting --

1. We now have nominees for the two open positions on the Guild Board, Vice President and Treasurer. We will ask for any additional nominations at the February meeting, take a vote for all positions and the new Board will take over at the March meeting.  Thank you to everyone how has volunteered!

2. 2016 MN Quilt Show Exhibit:  I have the instructions and form required for each of you who plan to show a quilt in our exhibit at the quilt Show in June.  The forms need to be completed and returned to MN Quilters by April 15, 2016.  Your quilt does not need to be completed until the May meeting.  The form is located on our Blog under the Resources tab.

3. We had our Good Neighbors Fabric Challenge reveal and Show and Tell as well.

4.  Reviewed what's in store for our February Meeting --
  • We will be hosting a "Ticker Tape Make and Take" next month (check out the link to see Amanda Jean's tutorial on Ticker Tape quilts).  Instead of making a quilt, we will mod-podge fabric scraps on to stretched canvas to make a piece of art for you to take home and display.  The Guild will supply the canvas, glue and paint brushes and all you need to bring are scraps of fabric to share and scissors.  

  • We will also kick off our 2nd Scraptastic Challenge Exchange and this is how it works:
    • Stuff a bunch of your favorite fabric scraps into a one quart ziplock bag (the scraps can be any size, but remember that you are going to get back what is made out of them, so don't make it too hard on your partner by putting in a bunch of tiny scraps), write a quick note about things that you love and maybe things that you don't, write your name on the outside of the bag and bring it to the meeting.  
    • We will put them in a large container and everyone will take a turn pulling out a bag.  
    • You then take your partner's bag home and make something of your choice using the scraps in the bag and ONE additional fabric from your stash.  You can, however, use as much of your fabric as you want.
    • We will decide on the deadline as a group at the meeting (it's usually 3-4 months out)
    • For those of you who missed the first Scraptastic Challenge, the exchange meeting was AMAZING

  • The February meeting is Thursday, February 18th, 7pm at the Textile Center.

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