#Sew2Bee2 July Bee Block - Improv Curves

Block: Improv Curves for Colby

Loving all my #beejeebers blocks that are coming in!! So pretty and happy!!

Tutorial for the technique can be found here.

- Please make at least 2, but due to the way you cut the fabric, it is very easy to make up to 4 at a time so feel free to make more if you wish, they are addicting. :)
- Please trim each one to 9 inches square and DO NOT sew them together. I want to mix all the colors up and will sew them together when I receive them all.

See the picture above. These blocks will join those above. Please use 4-5 different BRIGHT SOLIDS (no white or black) in each block, you will need one 12 inch square of fabric for each color you use. The tutorial above shows a great way to make these blocks with very limited waste. You should have 3 seams per block, with 4 different solids in each block. Please aim for more 1/4 circle angle rather than a 45 degree curved angle on the curve.

Let me know if you have any questions, you can email me at cslowrey@gmail.com!

Thanks so much in advance!



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