How To: Dementia Texture Quilts

Texture quilts are therapeutic quilts used with dementia patients to provide visual and tactile stimulation, warmth, familiarity, comfort and relaxation.

FABRICS:  Collect a stash of fabrics with texture, pattern, color, movement, or high contrast. Any or all of the following types of fabrics will work:  minky, cotton prints, corduroy, seersucker, dotted swiss, terrycloth, velvet, lycra, satin, flannel, chenille, fake fur, fleece, black and white, neon colors, swirls, zig zag, plaids, stripes, etc.   All fabrics must be able to survive rough handling and be machine washed and dried.  If questionable, please test the fabrics in a wash and dry cycle to assure they will work.

BACKING:  Use prewashed fleece.  This could be one complete piece or several pieces patched together.

BATTING:  No batting is necessary

OTHER SUPPLIES:  Sewing machine, thread for piecing (this is a great project for using up miscellaneous spools and bobbins), quilting pins, basting pins, walking foot AND any other basic sewing supplies you like to use.

Cut fabric into 10 inch squares. 

Lay out the quilt blocks on a large table or floor space.  Create a variation of texture, color and movement within the quilt.  Use your imagination!

LAP SIZE = 16 blocks, four by four = 36 x 36 inches finished            

NAP SIZE = 30 blocks, five by six = 45 x 54 inches finished

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, sew the blocks together with a ½ inch seam.  Some pinning may be necessary when stitching stretchy to non-stretchy fabrics. 

Finger press the seams open and stitch over them with a variable stitch so they will remain flat.

Layer the quilt top and fleece backing right sides together.  Stitch around the outside edge with a ½ inch seam leaving an opening so that the quilt may be turned right side out.

Turn the quilt then stitch the opening shut, very close to the edge. 

Quilt the top and back of the quilt together, by stitching in the ditch or with a wide decorative stitch on several seams in the quilt.  This is to hold the quilt together during the washing process, but is not to be heavily quilted which would flatten the textures.

Topstitch around the outside of the quilt with a 1/2 inch seam from the edge.

MMQG Sew-In Tomorrow

Our next MMQG Sew-In is Sunday, April 26th at the Burnhaven Library, located 1101 County Road 42 West in Burnsville, west of the Burnsville Shopping Center.

We will be in the large community room from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. You are welcome to bring your sewing machine, projects to cut, assemble or sew, or hand sewing.

Also if you want to sew but don't want to pack up your entire project, we have a charity project of Dementia Texture Quilts you may chose from to work on. Fabric squares will be provided, you just need your sewing machine and thread of any color! A walking foot is also helpful. Please refer to our blog for an article about the Dementia Texture Quilts for an overview of the project.

Hope to see you all there!

March 2015 meeting minutes

All of you who renewed your membership, thank you! We have a lot of fun things planned this year so watch Facebook, the blog, and plan on coming to the monthly meetings. We still have Swag Bags for those of you who need to renew or want to join the Guild.

2015 Board Introduction

The new board took effect at the beginning of March. The officers for the 2015-2016 year are:

  • President – Tracy Westhoff
  • Treasurer – Kristin Lawson
  • VP - Colby Lowrey
  • Web Coordinator – Sarah Marrone 
  • Secretary – Rebecca LaPlante


2015 Committees

The following members have graciously accepted the following Committee Positions:

  • Brianne Hansen and Erin Salisbury – Garage Sale Spring 2016
  • Marie Parish – Hospitality 
  • Jan Hanenberger-Charity 
  • Event/Speaker – Would love someone to step up and help us out with this one!

For the April meeting–4/16/2015:

Get Inspired Challenge reveal:  Get Inspired – find something that inspires you to make something quilty.

Scrap swap extravaganza: Stuff some of you favorite scraps into a one quart plastic bag, add a short note letting your partner know what you like or dislike (this is totally optional) and write your name on the outside of the bag. Everyone participating will draw a bag and make something for the scrap bag owner adding one additional fabric from their stash. The finished project reveal/swap will be at the July meeting.

Also on the agenda is a quick QuiltCon recap from those who went to Austin this year.

Don't forget your March bee blocks if you are in a hive!

If you have an April birthday, please consider bringing something for the snack/food table to share. March Birthdays – Thank you for bringing refreshments to the last meeting!

Come early to socialize, check out the free table and two bit bags! Donations to the two-bit bags gets you four free tickets to enter. Clear out some space in your sewing area and get your less loved items to someone who will make good use of them.

Low volume strip swap

We had our low volume strip swap! Each member brought in as many low volume strips as they wanted, and left with the same number. It was a great way to get a sampling of some new low volume prints.


Bee blocks

March's queen bees were Kellye, Vanessa, and Kara.


Show & Tell

Michelle's back
Tracy's quilt back
Tracy's back
Kellye's back
Lisa did not stop moving! 
More Lisa
Rebecca T.
Rebecca T.
Rebecca T.
Rebecca T.
Vanessa's back
Mary's feedsacks
Mary's Fancy Fox
Caitlin's back

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