Saturday Series: Holiday Gifts

Patterns for Thursday Show and Tell Items

Hi everyone! I'm going to do a quick (late) post to add to the Sat. Series on Holiday gifts. Carrie posted about the Noodlehead divided basket a few weeks ago so I am skipping that.

For the other items I showed at Thursday's meeting:

The Patterns for the Molly Market Tote and the Emma zip bag were purchased from Michelle Lizcano's Etsy shop - PaisleyPear Patterns/SuperOrangeSewing.

Molly market tote: I love this one.  CLICK HERE for Etsy Shop link

 Have made 7 and will make more.  I think 2 or 3 coordinating bags make a great gift!  Find outdoor/canvas fabrics on Jo-Ann's red tag table and get them when they are an additional 50% off.  If fabric is less than 58", buy 1.25 yd instead of 1 yd.  You can make strap wrap and binding from some thinner coordinating material if main fabric to hard to work with. I used 3 coordinating fabrics for one set and mixed the pieces all around...though it works great with just 2 fabrics as well. Next time red-tags go 50% off, I'll be making myself some of these. Be forewarned...this takes almost as long to cut all the pieces out , and "prepare" them, as it does to sew them together!

Emmy Clutch - PDF Sewing Pattern - INSTANT DOWNLOAD Gift bag for Colby: Emma Zip bag - Also from Michelle Lizcano - CLICK HERE for link to Etsy       I made a couple sized as per the pattern, and then sized another one up slightly larger.

Dopp kit bag -- this was a free pattern I originally found on, but I think it was designed by Lindsay Wilkes at The Cottage Mama.  CLICK HERE for Boxy Dopp Kit    If I made it again, I'd cut it a little bigger..maybe another give more room inside for shaving stuff.

Weekender bag - This is a free pattern found here  Carpetbagger bag.  I made 2 of these, the second one larger than the first.  The pattern didn't call for lining, but I lined the bag.  I also added some more pockets (both exterior and interior, and lined them), and put magnet closures on the exterior pockets. It works great for weekends.  If I made it again, however, I'd switch the direction of the zipper so it runs the same direction as the bottom length.  I think it would be easier to get into the that way.  I also used Jo-Ann's red-tag fabric for this. This was upholstery fabric,  purchased when red-tags were 50% off.

I haven't made the items below, but I think they look like great patterns.  All of patterns below are Anna Graham designs,from Noodlehead.:
Cargo Duffle Bag from Robert Kauffman website -

CLICK HERE to go to Cargo Duffle link

Click here for Cargo Duffle pattern 2                                                   

She also has a nice slouchy "Trail Tote" bag on there as well - Click here for Trail Tote link

 It may be too late for last minute Christmas gifts, but hopefully these will be useful at some point for you.

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