Saturday Series: Holiday Gifts

Hi everyone - Marie here and thinking about holiday gifting time...I always think there is so much time to get things ready for the season, and then it's November and time just keeps flying by. So from my archives, I've pulled my favorite quick handmade gift for a hostess or to slip into a basket of kitchen tools or home-made goodies.

Potholders are so fast and totally customizable for the receiver.

Here are some that I've made in the past:

I know that some people use the heat-proof batting inside pot-holders. I have always thought it felt thin and was too crinkle-y to the touch, so I use a sandwich of quilted top + cotton batting + two layers of canvas + backing. They are very durable and heavy, which feels great. Bind them up, either by hand or certainly machine stitching would be quick, placing a small finished strip of fabric on the back side for a loop. And done! 

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