Series: Show us your space!

Nikol here from Sewtropolis here to show you my sewing space.  Sadly my sewing space at home is a dark basement with lighting from pull string lights only.  I’ve moved things upstairs after the second time water got into my basement. 

Last summer I bought a travel trailer and ‘Glamped” her up and now I really enjoyed sewing in “Athena” while traveling/Glamping.   


I normally sew up near the front of the trailer where the wrap windows let in the most light.  However, I find that when I’m Glamping most of my sewing is done during the evening hours with the dogs at my feet and a James Bond moving on the iPad.  (I can’t get enough of Skyfall)
When I sew at night I turn on the overhead light as well as smaller spot lights that are in the cabinet above the couch.  I also have a small table lamp that I’ll bring out when I need it.  Though, if I’m plugged into a 20 amp site things tend to get sluggish if I have too many things going at once.  The 30 amp sites work much better.  If I’m ‘Boondocking’ (at a sight with no amenities) I’ll take out my knitting – which I usually have with me.

This summer I’ve done a LOT of sewing for Athena.  She has new curtains on all the windows, new seat covers for the cushions in the back (bed), bunting and lots of pillows. 
When I sew, I love being surrounded by all the creativity.  To me – it’s so pretty and inspiring. 

I usually leave my Featherweight, iron, ironing board and plenty of projects and tools in the trailer the whole summer long.  That way I don’t inadvertently forget something at home.  Nothing worse than breaking a needle and not having a spare, while Glamping. 

I typically work on quilt blocks when I’m traveling since I don’t have a large design board or for that matter a large sewing table.  Though I suppose if I had to I could use a picnic table (or two) to lay out a quilt.  This past summer I worked on blocks from the Tula Pink City Sampler book.  Next summer my plan is to work on blocks from the Farmer’s Wife Quilt. 

I recently purchased the aqua rolling cart from Ikea – I love the way it ‘goes’ with my trailer and it’s a lot more handy to move around compared to the vintage suitcase I was using.  I used to have to put the suitcase next to me on the couch – and every time I got up I’d have to move the suitcase.  With the cart I just roll it back under the window.  

When I’m traveling (on the road) the sewing machine sits in a cupboard on the floor, the ironing board goes on a hook and the iron sits up in a cabinet along and everything else fits on the cart.  I discovered with the last trip that even though I surrounded the cart with items to keep it from rolling while I’m driving down the road…. It still rolled around.  So, between now and next March I’ll need to figure out a better idea to keep it in place.  I’d love to hear your ideas.


  1. Great sew and go space to share...can you bungee cord the cart to something?

  2. Just a couple 2x2 boards wedged on both sides of the wheels?

  3. Great pics! I love vintage campers/trailers/RVs/Caravans. :) For the cart, maybe you could replace the casters with ones that lock.

  4. Hmmmm- that's not a bad idea either. Maybe IKEA has those...


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