Saturday Series: Show us your space

We're continuing the "show us your space" Saturday series into October Wednesdays. Today's post is from Michelle. 

I lost my sewing room in my last move.  Sigh.  But there are several things I like about my new space and I have found workarounds for most of what I lost.

I sew and cut on a metal table from Ikea – I love the metal because it is very sturdy and doesn’t scratch.  My cutting mat is to the left of my machine.  I do a lot of paper piecing and love having my cutting mat so close.  When I need more room, I move it over to the kitchen table.

Behind my chair is a small, mobile ‘ironing board’ I made from a tv tray from Target.  This is great for paper piecing (sew, turn, iron, sew, turn, iron) and I love having it at retreats.  Light, easy to fold up and it fits under a standard height table.  It is much more convenient than getting up and walking across the room for every piece added to a block.  My real ironing board gets folded away when not in use, so this small one gets used a lot.

To the right of the table is my fabric stash, sorted by color.  I got this rolling metal basket system from Ikea and love it.  I can remove an entire basket to paw through and easily keep everything away from my (fabric-loving) cat while seeing what I have.  It is also incredibly easy to put everything away when I get home from a shopping trip.

But where does all the rest of it go?

I commandeered this large hall closet and this is where my ongoing projects, bookshelf, scraps and extra tools (and batting!) live.  The wooden storage unit with the plastic trays is also from Ikea and this is great for ongoing projects, like Blocks of the Month and fabric that was purchased for a specific pattern.  Each project gets a tray and, when I am done working on it for a bit, I dump all the pieces, special tools, the pattern and the completed blocks into the tray and put it away.  Works well. Oh, and when I have all the trays filled, I make myself finish something.  Also works well.

My favorite thing about my space now is all the natural light and air from the large sliding door.  I also like being able to focus on one or two projects – a necessity because there isn’t room to leave everything out.  I also keep the area cleaner than I normally would because it is in the living room and am more mindful about my stash – both what I use and what I add.

Overall, it works for me.

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