Saturday Series: Show us your Space!

Even Charley wouldn't dare enter
Hi! Gina M. here, reluctantly blogging about my sewing space. Some of you might recall that I posted a photo of my sewing room on the MMQG Facebook page a few months ago, when I was feeling particularly bad about the disastrous state it was in. No doubt, it was probably at its lowest point because I was in the midst of sorting through piles of fabric and purging. It was also the time of year when sewing time is swapped for garden/outside time, so it became the room where odds-and-ends landed and never left.

I signed up to post on the MMQG blog for the sewing space series in part because it seemed like a good incentive to clean. It sort of worked-- the space has improved (it couldn't have gotten much worse), but there is a definitely a lot of work yet to do!

Starting with the positives...I do love the fact that I have my own dedicated space with a door that closes and I will never complain about that luxury. The room also has really great closets with many compartments and drawers that suit my "stuff and shut" organizing philosophy. When things start to feel a little out of control in the space, I start putting things that don't have a good home in a closet, drawer or bin so that it's out of sight and mind. Of course, finding them all later is a bit of a challenge.

I love my closets (except for the paint color)
The sewing table I'm currently using was meant to be my pressing and cutting table when I found it, but plans changed after the butcher block top warped from the steam of my iron. I was pretty disappointed that my Ikea hack was a complete fail. It turns out it's REALLY hard to cut straight on a curved surface with a rotary cutter.  

After reading Tracy's post, I decided give sewing while standing a try and I moved my machine to the table and my cutting space to the built-in desk. The desk isn't the right height for cutting, but it is at least flat! I haven't sewn much with the new setup, but I like it so far. As a very short person, it seems to provide a better sight line to the machine (I was always sitting on pillows before). Also, since I now have an L-shaped work space, I think it will lead to a fairly efficient process for pressing, cutting, and sewing. I found an old bar stool in the house that I can use if I get tired of standing (the lower shelf is the perfect height for placing my foot pedal).

I store fabric cuts 1/2 yard and larger on the shelves of the sewing table. These fabric cuts are wrapped around comic book cardboard as shown in this tutorial by Angela of Cut to Pieces. Fat quarters will hopefully make it into the card catalog that I found at a second-hand shop. Though it matches the ugly color of my closet doors perfectly, I do hope to paint it a prettier color someday (same goes for the closets, walls and trim).

Yardage (some of it anyway)

Fat quarter storage
My design wall is just a flannel sheet tacked to the wall-- functional, but not pretty. I suppose that's a good reminder that for all my hopes to have a space that's tidy and inspiring, I think my time would be better spent trying to get something inspiring on that design wall!

Design wall

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