Saturday Series: Show us your space

Hi!  I'm Vanessa from Punkin Patterns.  I'm here to share my sewing space with you!

I work from home balancing stay-at-home mom adventures with sewing, blogging, and designing and writing sewing patterns.  Since we have lived in our house for the last 9+ years, my space has moved around a bit.  When we moved in, I had a ground level bedroom which eventually became my daughter's bedroom.  It had great natural light.  From there I downsized to a small desk in my husband's office. I got about half the space in the room, but it wasn't nearly enough. I ended up spilling over into the family room and with little kids, it just wasn't working out well.

Then I finally moved into the unfinished side of our basement.  It is fabulous!  It is one large room that is the length of the entire house (plus a little more) and half it's width.  So it is very spacious.  We do have some storage in spots there, but we have been downsizing and minimizing our "stuff" we store.  So as that happens, I get more and more space. 

my sewing space

My sewing machine and serger sit on the same table.  This is a great spot, because I'm right off the family room, so I can hear the kids play and be right there, but I have the great option of having a door between us so I can close it when I need to.  The white board behind the table is my large design wall.  (You can read my tutorial for making your own on my blog).

The waste basket to the left of my chair is for all my fabric scraps and threads that are too small to use for anything.  Those get recycled by my local recycling program. (Yay! -- that's Ramsey county for you locals.)  The basket next to that is the mending.  It's a nice single spot for everyone to just place something in there that needs fixing instead of all over my space.

To the right of my sewing table is a workbench (which my awesome husband designed and built). It is a shared space but more often than not, my husbands projects are covering the table.  I really only do hot gluing on that space, so it's all good.

On my table I usually have my netbook (a small laptop) open which I use to reference my digital pattern instructions or my iPad watching something on Netflix of course!

Netflix is almost always on in my space

As you'll see, almost all of my supplies and materials are kept in clear containers. It keeps them clean and pretty for when I need them.

thread rainbow

Opposite my sewing table, I have a second spare sewing machine.  It was my mom's and she doesn't use it at all, so I'm "machine sitting" until she needs it.  It has been unused and neglected for several years.  (She does a lot of hand work and embroidery.)  So it needs a little attention before it can be used on a regular basis.

My mother's sewing machine

It is stored in the table most of the time.  This is the machine I learned to sew on. You can even still see an indentation in the wood from when I tried to close up the table and there was a pin in there and I didn't know (no fancy pin ends on that one to make it easier to see).  I was about nine or so, and I just pushed the table together even though it was sticking up a bit and oops.  Pin mark!

pin impression

Next to that is my bookshelf, ironing board, then cutting table and more storage.  (In the photo my white board is "whited out" so you can be surprised about some of my future projects.)

the rest of my space

On the bookshelf, the top two shelves are my favorite sewing/crafting books and the next two are my favorite cook books and the bottom are some fun books that are mine.

The ironing board has a spot to put it away, but it's usually left out (all the time).


My cutting space is perfect.  It is the perfect height and the perfect length for two 24" wide cutting mats to sit end to end. The best part was that it was free!  It is a piece of cabinet we obtained from a friend (it's matching top cabinets are in our garage).  I love the three drawers - they hold my cutting rulers, marking tools, rotary cutters, and more.  Under that in the cabinets is fabric.  The window above lets in quite a bit of natural light for the last two hrs before sunset.

cutting table + fabric storage underneath

Next to that is fabric.  This shelf is mostly quilting fabrics, fat quarters, and the large bottom bin is all scraps which need to be sorted... one day.

quilt-wt fabrics, scraps supplies

The one downfall of working in the basement - in the winter it's colder (especially the floor), but add a few sweaters and some slippers (maybe a scarf and a hat too) and I'm good.

Finally we come to the extra storage space, which is just around the corner from my work space (slightly hidden, across from the pantry).  Here is where I store the non-quilt weight fabrics like fleece, flannel, apparel fabrics, and anything else.  I also have a variety of other crafting supplies and yarn - lots of yarn.

excess crafty and non-quilt wt fabric storage

Lastly, my desk and computer where I spend a lot of time designing and writing up patterns, editing photos and blogging.  This is in my bedroom (next to a window).

where I write

Hope you liked my tour!  Can't wait to see more of our member's sewing spaces!

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