Packing for a quilt retreat: Quilt retreat packing checklist

Hi! It's Kristin again. Our first in-town retreat is coming up this weekend! Do you know what to pack?

I've written up some great tips and created a printable retreat packing list over on my website.

Leave a comment if I missed anything, or if there is something you bring that is especially helpful to remember or bring.

Here are also some posts by our members on retreats:
Things to consider bringing to a retreat (Kristin L.)
Portable ironing table (Kristin L.)
Organizing your projects into phases (Rozina)
Things to bring to a retreat (Steffani B.)
Snapware organizing (Flaun)

I'm excited for this weekend. See you there!


  1. I'm on my 11th sewing retreat in as many years! Your list is on point!!!!! Thanks

  2. And the small sized organiser cubes are perfect for holding the bulk of small clothes and accessories that can otherwise get lost in between the different layers of clothing or sit randomly in the corners of the luggage, which is very difficult to find when needed.
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