In Town Retreat

When an In Town Retreat was scheduled, I volunteered to check the space out and share my findings.  The retreat is being held at Four Seasons Quilt Shop in Maple Grove.  Above their quilt store, they have a large space for day retreats.  When you walk into the room this is the view.  In the center of the room is a raised cutting table with mats for use.  Around the perimeter of the room are sets of tables that make a station for 4 sewers when the room is at full capacity.

This is the left side of the room.  On each side of the room is an ironing station and you can also see extension cords on the tables.

This is the right side of the room.  There are additional sewing stations and an ironing stations not pictured, along with these round tables that are generally used for lunching.

There is a kitchen area that is a pass through to the retreat space for our use, and water/soda are available at a reduced cost/honor system.

So now that you've seen the space, here are the particulars:
  • Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild In Town Retreat
  • Dates: Saturday; September 27th, 9am to 9pm AND Sunday; September 28th, 10am to 5pm
  • Retreat Cost: $30 for the weekend
When the space was originally reserved there was a bit of a confusion as far as semantics of $15/day vs. $30 for the weekend, if we were booking Saturday only or both days, etc. so unfortunately misinformation relative to the fee was passed along.  We are sorry that happened. The $30 fee to the quilt store is for the retreat, whatever days or hours you choose to attend.

To sign up for this event please do these two steps:
  • Complete the guild registration form, link hereThis is so we can keep track of registrations to be sure we meet our minimum needed to hold the retreat and keep you all posted on availability.
  • Call Four Seasons to register & pay for your retreat at (763) 557-5899.  (They will take your name and information when you are ready to pay, they do not keep a list of unpaid attendees so that is why we ask you complete the guild form also.)
In next week or so I will write another blog post sharing sign in/ unloading/parking AND local restaurant options.  Below are a few photos of the quilt store.  They have a broad selection of 30s prints, brights (dots!), several traditional lines and as well as civil war fabrics. (Plus lots of patterns and supplies!)  I hope many of you are able to attend the retreat!

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