Saturday Series: Show us your space!


I am a little late with my Saturday Series post, but better late than never!

I have sewn is all types of places over the years. From a desk in the living room, to a full sewing room, to under the stairs, and then back to a desk in the living room. I live by myself and have a 1 bedroom apartment so unfortunately I do no have the luxury of my own sewing room anymore. I have realized the importance of allowing myself to keep my work out and easily accessible or else I will never sew. For this reason, whenever I move, I specifically request a sewing area as a must have. Like I stated above, this looks different in every place that I live but I make it work.

I currently live in a loft in downtown Minneapolis and sew in the corner of my living room.

Sewing Nook

Over to the left I keep my scrap basket, my rulers, printer, etc. I used to keep my fabric there but realized that the sun was bleaching it so I moved it into the closet. I have curtains around the shelving since this area is in the middle of my living room so that I can hide all the clutter behind it. :)

I keep my fabric in little wicker boxes from Joann's in color order. I have them folded all the same way so that they are uniform and so that I can see them all whenever I need to.

Fabric Stash Organization

I have an absolutely FABULOUS closet that fits all of my fabric, projects, tools etc. I have no idea what I will do when I move because this is the best sewing closet I have ever had. It is semi shallow shelving which is perfect for fabric and project storage and I don't feel like there's much wasted space at all.

Fabric Closet

One thing that I do love is that I have a huge floor that I can lay quilt tops on and baste. The key is to baste before my little helpers come try to help.

Marlow on Colored Rectangles

And finally I sort my scraps by color in plastic bags. I keep all of the plastic bags in another big bag so that I can just pull it out and easily find what I need to. Marlow loves it when the scraps come out..

Marlow playing in my scrap bags this morning. #sewingcat #nothelping

My space is little but it works for me and I have it set up and easy to use whenever I feel like sewing which is the most important part to me.

Have a great week!

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