Saturday Series// Sewing Spaces: A peek inside the Stuff Pile.

My house is old and way too big for us so I have two rooms to sew in, which is good and bad. The good is that I can really spread out and leave projects set up and ready to come back to. The bad is that I have a tendency to fill up open spaces, so the more space I'm given, the more stuff I pile up. (Before anybody refers me to a psychiatrist for hoarding, please know I have recently pledged to reduce my "stuffprint" by half and am making progress...) I have always found the creative process to be aided by chaos and prefer to have things within reach and visible; not tucked neatly away in drawers. But enough excuses already--- on to the pictures!
My main sewing room. It makes the 'triangle' of cutting, sewing, and pressing.

My design wall is just a flannel sheet tacked to the wall.

Some of the sewing and quilting books.

My notions shelf.

Neutrals, yellows, polka dots, and collections. 

The main stash shelf. Neatness is overrated.

The other room. The old Necchi in back is set up for punching holes in freezer paper patterns for paper piecing. I use the Bernina for zigzag and fancy stitching and free motion quilting. The Singer to the left is on its way to Craigslist.

My trusty old iron, which has a cloth cord and weighs a ton, but hasn't failed me yet.

A thread tableau. Most of my threads are cones, which I do keep tucked away as I am frequently knocking them over.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my sewing/creative space! I cant wait to see everybody else's! xoxo---Rozina D.

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