Saturday Series: Show us your space!

Welcome to the new Saturday Series, show us your space! I'll start things off by showing my sewing space. 

It's in the corner of our basement. It's nothing fancy - an old dining room table, a regular ironing board, plus a filing cabinet and a couple of plastic boxes for storage. I added a desk lamp from Ikea for more light - the overhead can lights are not nearly bright enough.

My sewing machine is in for a tune-up, which is why the table looks so empty (and the space looks so clean!). I took a (forced) break from sewing this weekend to clean up my workspace. It's not usually this neat. Under ordinary circumstances, there are piles of works-in-progress, spools of thread and patterns cluttering up the table. I'm hoping I can maintain this system (for a while, at least) after I get my machine back next week!

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