Big Block Quilts


Today I'm going to show some examples of a trend that is going around the Modern Quilting community that has become of interest to me and hopefully will be to you as well. That trend is Big Block Quilts. What I mean by Big Block Quilts is a quilt that is actually just a super enlarged version of one block. I love these quilts because they are usually super quick to make and most of the time make a great statement by highlighting the design and simplicity of a single block.

Here are a few examples I pulled from my Pinterest board:

Example 1 from Fabric Shack

Example 2 from drury girl

quilt 'O' big block

Example 3 from Fancy Tiger Crafts

Example 4 from pile of fabric

Example 5 from Taffy Talk

I think these are great ways to turn a classic block into a modern quilt that makes a bold statement. I think I will be trying more of these in the future! Do any of you have any favorite Big Block Quilts?

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