Saturday Series: Zipper Pouches

Hi! I'm Vanessa from Punkin Patterns.  I'm here to do another Saturday Series (techniques).  I'm going to talk a little about zipper pouches!

simple pouch, lottie da 4

From my experience, most quilters either love it OR are afraid of it, simply because they've never made one.  They are so simple and so easy.  I guarantee once you make one, you'll fall in love with them and make them to hold everything!

So there are two main differeneces in zipper pouches.
You can have fabric tabs on the ends of the zipper.

simple pouch, lottie da 3

simple pouch, lottie da 2

Or no tabs (just a zipper on top).

zipper detail on a pouch

First Aid Zip Pouch

Here is a link to two of my zipper pouches.  The one with the tabs (Simple Zippered Pouch) and the one without tabs (First Aid Zip Pouch).  The Simple Zippered Pouch tutorial also shows you how to make a boxed bottom.  Both pouch tutorials have lining inside the pouch.

zippered pouch button

Both are simple.  Once you master the two zipper approaches the options are endless. You can start making your own designs for the front and back and make them any size you want.  You can use solid pieces of fabric or use up small leftover quilt blocks and make them into a pouch.

If you're new to zipper pouches, give it a try!  I know you'll love making them!

(If you like those tutorials, stop by and take a look at some of my other tutorials.)

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