Saturday Series: Mosaic tutorials

I have been in love with mod mosaic style blocks since our block of the month in 2013. I made one of those blocks, and have been pining to make more. With our tutorials series, I decided to share my passion for that block and the tutorials that are available to play with technique. I used Oh, Fransson!: Mod Mosaic Tutorial for that original block, and was thrilled with how it came out! Here's a pic of what we all did for the block lotto at that time:

Block Lotto Minneapolis MQG 2013

Chris C's Block 2013

Time passed, and I moved on to other quilt blocks but the bug to make more of these remained. I decided to try it with some denim I inherited from a fellow guild member, my family, and my next door neighbor, but on a larger scale. I was much less planful, doing more of a hack, stack, slash and repeat method (is that a method?) and I ended up with a great assortment of blocks of different sizes! Now to figure out the layout.....

Eight unique blocks

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