Ikea Hack Ironing and Cutting Table

Ever since I read Kristin's tutorial on the Big A$$ Ironing Board, I started thinking about ways to improve my pressing setup. Her post included a link to Flaun's ironing table, which also seemed like a great idea because it included storage space underneath. It's funny how you really don't notice how inadequate your existing ironing space is until you see how much better someone else's is!

I enlisted my dad's help, since he is a carpenter and I thought he might consider making me something for a combination Christmas/birthday gift. We sketched out a basic table with a couple of shelves underneath for storage. A few days later, I stopped at the Project for Pride and Living resale shop in NE to look at office chairs. I happened upon a large and sturdy Ikea kitchen island and thought it could be perfect! The main downfall was a big red stain on the butcher block top, which was not a problem for me since I fully intended to cover it in batting and fabric! I figured this was a much quicker and possibly cheaper solution than having my dad build something from scratch.

It was a little high for ironing/cutting height, which I am used to as someone who is only 5' tall. Unlike most things I use, this was easy to modify. My dad cut a few inches off the legs bringing it down to 32" tall.

He used a jig saw (something we do not own in our household) and taped the legs before cutting to prevent splitting the veneer (something I would not have thought of).

I covered the top in tinfoil, like Kristin had done, to protect the wood from steam and deflect the heat back up to the ironing surface.  
Then I covered that in a single layer of batting.

Next, I covered the batting with a layer of therma ironing board fabric.

I intended to staple the layers down and cover it with this lovely Joel Dewberry home dec fabric. However, once I tested it out and realized that it the table is already fully functional, I lost steam (no pun intended)!

I did manage to add some pretty shelf paper to the drawers. Hopefully, I'll get the staple gun out one of these days to finally finish it up. I guess you could consider this my largest WIP!


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