Saturday Series: Favorite Quilting Book

Tracy here, and I'm writing about the first book I purchased as a modern quilter, The Modern Quilt Workshop, by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.

I'm not sure if it's my favorite book, but it got me started on this crazy quilting journey and I think it's a good book for any level quilter.  Like most quilting books they cover the basics of design, fabric choice, tools, piecing, quilting and binding.  What I like about this book is that the 15 quilt patterns cover a variety of techniques and technical skills that any quilter can learn and improve on.  It also has diagrams of each quilt in different color palettes so you can see what your quilt might look like if you choose to make it in other colors.

To be honest, the only reason I bought the book was because I saw their Plain Spoken quilt on Flickr,  fell in love and had to make one for myself.  Looking back on this, I probably could have figured this out on my own.  But at the time I was new to quilting and didn't have the confidence to put a small rectangular strip on top of a large rectangular strip and then repeat the process over and over and over...
I have made two Plain Spoken quilts and they make great quilt gifts for guys.  It's not a fussy pattern and you can't go wrong using solids. 

I have also made their Book Club quilt which is much more time consuming, but comes together quickly once you get the hang of piecing it. What makes this quilt look so awesome to me is the slanted books on each shelf.  Lots of angle cuts and measuring go into make each of these slanted books, which was a great way for me to learn new techniques.  Specifically, cutting an accurate quarter inch from the bottom corner of each book.  If you mess it up, the book is either buried in the shelf or floating above it.  Let me just say that practice makes perfect!

The book is well written with lots of photos and diagrams, which I like.  I find that when I need to reference something while cutting or sewing, it's much easier to find my answer if there is a diagram or photo.  They also have a nice illustrated section on binding your quilt as well as all the templates that are needed for some of the patterns in the book.

I'm kind of kicking myself for not using their Love Bead pattern on my Monaluna Meadow challenge quilt.
I'd love to share this book with anyone interested in reading it and/or trying one of the patterns out.  Just shoot me a message or leave a comment. 

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