Quilt repair

My newest project is repairing a quilt for my niece. She's fallen in love with this cute vintage quilt and has been using it for a bedspread. It's a scrappy, machine-pieced and hand-quilted flea market find.


Unfortunately, it's got a few rips, it's threadbare in places and the binding is tattered.


The binding was an easy fix. I unpicked the hand-stitching that was holding the binding on, trimmed the edges and applied a new binding.

I'm on the fence about how to repair the rest of the quilt. I'm inspired by this recent post about "Frankenquilting" on Sew Mama Sew. I think I'll use a combination of "Stick a Patch on it (A bit more politely)" and "Just stitch it", but I'm undecided if I'll stitch by hand or machine. I feel like stitching it by hand would maintain the integrity of the original quilt, but will take a lot longer. The quilt is pretty worn and even with my repair efforts I'm not sure how long it will last.

Have any other MMQG members attempted quilt repair before? Any advice?

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  1. If there is no emotional attachment to the original quilt and she loves it that much, I would consider making a replica?


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