Member Spotlight: Maria G

1. Tell us about yourself, e.g. family, kids, pets, day job, have you always lived in MN?

I moved to Minnesota when I was 8 and my dad got his job at 3M.  We all stayed, and I’ve never paid for Scotch® tape in my life.  By day I’m a project manager for a medical drug/device contract manufacturer (aka the job that cuts into my quilting time).  My husband and I have two daughters, 12 and 10, and a Chinook puppy named Daisy.  We live just north of Hastings, overlooking the Mississippi.
2.           Do you have a blog, Etsy shop, or other quilt-related business? If so, please include a link.
Not yet, but I might start a blog someday, if blogging isn’t obsolete by the time I get around to it!  I need some way to keep track of my quilts.
3.           Do you have any other hobbies, crafty or otherwise?
Knitting, singing in church choir, travelling softball mama (my 12-year-old is getting to be quite a pitcher), an occasional game of golf.          
4.      How long have you been quilting, and how did you learn to quilt?
My mom taught me to sew when I was young, but I only sewed garments (and not terribly well) until I decided in 1999 that I wanted to make a quilt.  I think I finished it in 2000, but labeled it as 1999 because I thought it sounded older/cooler.  My quilting knowledge has mostly been acquired through books and blogs.
5.           How many quilts do you think you have made? How many are still UFOs (unfinished objects)?
Ah, the hard question. Can I just say “lots” because I don’t track them very well?  Maybe 60?  Right now I probably have 6-8 UFO quilt tops hanging around waiting for some attention.

6.           How many hours a week do you spend quilting on average?
Never enough!  Maybe 6-8 hours on a good week. 
7.           Describe your first quilt. 
A rather planned “scrap” quilt from a book pattern.  I had some scraps from various garments, but I bought a majority of the fabric, unfortunately not of the best quality.  It has faded a bunch and the binding is kind of a wreck, but it’s still hanging in there.  It might be destined for the puppy.
8.           Which of your quilts is your favorite or are you most proud of and why? 

I love my youngest daughter’s wonky star quilt.  She gave me the color specifications (purple, pink, green and more purple) and let me go crazy.  It was a slow one, especially the outline quilting on the stars, but I love how it turned out. 
And though it doesn’t fit into the modern quilt genre, I made a photo quilt for my parents’ 50th anniversary last year that I’m proud of - it’s a fun chronicle of the family.
9.           Where do you sew? Describe your space and your favorite quilting accompaniments.
I have an extra bedroom that is “my” sewing room.  I tried to kick the girls out, but they kept creeping back in!  They squeeze into a $5 orange garage-sale chair and watch movies or do homework while I sew.  My eldest has her first-quilt UFO on the wall, which may never get finished.  I’m trying to enjoy it while they still want to hang around with me.
10.       Describe your fabric buying habits and stash. How do you manage your stash? 

I do much of my shopping on-line, but I also love Eagle Creek in Shakopee, though it’s a major trip across town for me to get there (probably a good thing). 
My stash is semi-organized by color, unless I want to keep a collection together for a project.  Scraps are overflowing their little bins.
11.       What are your favorite and least favorite things about quilting?
Favorites:  fabric shopping, and hand sewing the binding.  It’s just a nice therapeutic way to complete a quilt for me.
Least favorite: Basting.  Doesn’t matter if it’s pins or spray, I just don’t like it.
12.       What are your current and/or long-term quilting goals 

My current short-term goal is to get some finishes done, and stay caught up with Kristen’s mystery quilt along.  Longer-term, I’d like to add some variety into my machine-quilting repertoire.
13.       What is one (or more) quilt technique you would like to learn or are afraid of?
Appliqué.  I’ve done it once or twice, but I just haven’t developed much love for it.
14.       Who or what inspires you most in quilting?
All of the talented quilters, bloggers and fabric designers out there!  It’s overwhelming.
15.       What advice do you have for new quilters?
Just jump in and do it, and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect!  I read somewhere that the Amish intentionally make a mistake in each of their quilts, because quilts without mistakes are an affront to God since only he can create something perfect.   I like to keep this idea in mind if I get too caught up in the little stuff.
16.       Anything else you would like to share?
I’m so glad I found the MMQG – so much fun and inspiration!

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