I started quilting because….

Nikol here from Sewtropolis and today I want to talk to you about why I started quilting and hopefully you’ll want to share how and why you started quilting.  

I grew up in a home where my mom sewed and she learned from her mom (my grandma).  I have an older sister and my mom was hell-bent on teaching my sister how to sew that she never even considered that it was her second daughter that held the sewing gene.  So, I taught myself by watching her and reading Vogue Patterns.  Of course I made a LOT of mistakes along the way - but I didn’t give up because, like I said, I have the Sewing Gene - it’s part of my DNA!  It was also the beginning of my determination to “teach myself” how to do things.  

Flash-forward a few years:  My family moved from blistering hot Las Vegas to freezing cold Kalispell, Montana.  I remember being a lot colder, and being really, really happy when my grandma sent each of us a quilt.  Mine was basically two pieces of flannel tied together, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever! (and I was a heck of a lot warmer afterwards) 

My grandma sent my parents a beautiful patchwork quilt for their bed which I absolutely fell in love with and it was the spark that started my quilting bug.  That spark didn’t really ‘catch fire’ for another 10-15 years mainly because I had moved out of the house by then and didn’t have access to a sewing machine.  I was also pretty intimidated by quilting…  this coming from a girl who was sewing her own jeans in 9th grade Home-Ec. 

The first quilt I tried to make was a disaster!  It had tiny triangle pieces and I didn’t know it had to have ¼” seam allowances and not 5/8th like clothing!  The rotary cutter wasn’t invented yet and scissors are so inaccurate (I have no idea how people cut accurate pieces before Rotary cutters)  Needless to say  I gave up on that quilt and it was a good year before I attempted another.

 This time I solicited the help of some ladies at a quilting store.  They were so nice and picked out a easy pattern for me, helped me choose the fabric and armed me with plenty of tips on how to ‘fussy cut’, pressing and proper seam allowances.  What I ended up with was a great little crib quilt which I eventually gave to my then boss after the birth of his son.  That quilt was also the beginning of my quilting addiction.

So, I guess you can say I started quilting because I wanted to see if I could do it and once I knew I could I was hooked.  I am an artist at heart - (I even have a degree in Fine Art), and quilting has helped feed that artist in me…. while keeping me really warm.     

How about you?  Why do you quilt and who/what inspired you to give it a try?  

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