Saturday Series: Favorite Quilt Books

I agree with Maria that choosing a "favorite" quilting book is difficult. I have many and love them for different reasons. When thinking about my pick, Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky came to mind. As I picked it up again, I was reminded why I love this book-- her self described style of "improvisational, fearlessly colorful quilting" is beautiful, challenges my own use of color (or lack of), and offers a welcome reprieve from the stark white of this very long winter!
The book has several smaller projects like pillows, a children's book, and coasters that allow you to try some new techniques without committing to a quilt. The patterns in the book range from very simple to advanced, making this a book you can grow into as a quilter. I also love how she quilts her projects. The patterns are simple (mostly a variation of straight line quilting), yet they really add depth and change the way your eye sees the shapes and patterns of the piecing.
"Nate's Quilt" uses simple log cabin piecing, great for a beginner
The Modern Baby Quilt provides an opportunity to challenge yourself with y-seams

Unlike many of the books in my library, I can say that I finished a project from this book! I made the Indigo Needle Case for the Jay McCarroll Habitat Fabric Challenge. It was fun to make and is a handy way to organize various sizes of knitting needles. 

My Indigo Needle Case
Mostly, I enjoy paging through the book to see how she pairs such bold colors together in a way that strikes visual harmony. I know that I don't know how to do this, but hope that someday I will be as fearless with color as Malka is! 

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