Sewing table

have wanted a sewing table that my machine fit in. My husband said that he was up for the challenge. We searched for ideas on how to complete this challenge. My table is based on a tutorial from from Marta with love and Blue DinosaursHere are some pictures from our project. 

My table is a solid pine table from Ikea. Recommend taping were you are going cut the table to prevent splintering.

Mine is based on the shape of my machine with plate.

Using threaded bolts that are inset allow for adjustable for the machine height.

Finished product. Now on to staining it! The bolts are too long for me and need covers.



  1. I like what you have done to make yourself a table for your sewing machine. I also have a Bernina and would like to do the same thing. I just have one question for you. How do you get to your bobbin? Is it difficult getting to the bobbin case to change the bobbin?

    1. I have the same question. I think I would like for the wood that is directly in front of the machine to be cut out so that a hinge could be a-fixed to the end of the piece of wood nearest the fly wheel so that it would be easy to lift the strip of wood up when I needed to replace the bobbin or clean out the bobbin case.

    2. what a GREAT idea you have.. I am searching the boards for good ideas and came across this .. I am going to use your idea as well. thanks.

  2. Already, I'm out! my machine is an older Kenmore product and the bobbin is front open not top open
    great project idea -- we still have the same Ikea table downstairs using in my laundry room.

  3. I did the same and LOVE my table

  4. Does he take orders? Lucky women youvare

  5. What hardware did you use to secure all thread to table base?


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