Series: Favorite Quilting Books

Choosing a favorite quilting book is a little like choosing a favorite child, so in a diplomatic mama way, I am choosing a pair of favorites, both by Sarah Fielke - Quilting From Little Things... and Hand Quilted With Love.


The beautiful photographs alone are worth getting lost in for a few hours.  What I really like about Sarah's quilts are the great variety of fabric and scale she uses, and the techniques, which range from fairly straightforward to more challenging.

I have to confess that I have not yet made a quilt from either book, but I love having them in my library and have several on the "must make" list...

Like this one:

"Bangles" from Hand Quilted With Love

This one, which illustrates a technique called "step-down piecing," would be a real skill-builder:

"The Night Garden" from Quilting From Little Things...

This beauty makes me want to give applique another go:

"All That and the Hatter" from Hand Quilted With Love

Scrap buster!

"String-Sane" from Hand Quilted With Love

So many beautiful quilts, so little time...

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