Series: Favorite Quilting Books

It's my turn to share a favorite quilting book with you. Actually, I think I signed up twice and missed one (sorry guild!) so I'll pop another in here at some point.

Today I'm going to share my appreciation of  Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston

Five years ago, I had made one quilt, self designed, and had so much fun I wanted to keep quilting. But I was intimidated by patterns and historically quite bad at math, and measurement, and not inspired to make traditional quilts.

Then my mother sent me this book. This book was a gamechanger for me. I did not know much in the quilting world, and to see this book with it's beautiful colors, wonky fabulousness, and permission to play was exactly what I needed. As it turns out, I have yet to make a quilt based on any of her inspirations (a typical for me). It has, however, inspired my design process on many of the quilts I have completed in my four years of quilting.

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