Saturday Series: Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi everyone, Tracy here to share with you my quick and easy holiday gift idea: Quilted State Key Chains.  This state/heart idea is all over Etsy and Pintrest and my daughter asked if I could make key chains using this same concept and this is what we came up with:
My niece was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, so I whipped this up for her as an add on gift.  Here are the cast of characters needed:

1. Trace and cut out your state of choice -- I used a 3x5" note card and my state measures about 3" wide by 4" tall.
2. Scraps of fabric for the front, back and to attach the key clip, plus a little red scrap for the heart.
3. I use scrap batting and a heavier interfacing (not sure what it is because it's left over from other projects)
4. And a key fob, clip or circle thingy (nice description!) for the key holder.

The first thing I do is sew the key clip fabric together.  Simply fold the two long edges of your fabric into the center and press (this fabric is about 2 inches wide by 3 inches long).

Then I fold that in half again, press and sew down each side (I'd say an 1/8 of an inch from each edge).  Thread the fabric into your key holder and set it aside for a minute.

Now I trace the state onto the top fabric and then sandwich it together as follows:

State fabric face up
Interfacing with the key clip on each side of the batting
Back fabric facing out.

IMPORTANT STEP:  Take out the key clip and fabric holder and get your sandwich all nice and neat.

Now trim the top of the sandwich to your outline of the top of the state.  Put the key clip/fabric holder back into the sandwich -- I put mine on each side of the interfacing -- and pin it in place.  If you don't do this step, when you get done sewing it together, trimming the interfacing inside the key clip fabric is going to make you go crazy.

Now you can free motion around the outline of your state.  I do this with black thread on the front and white thread in the bobbin.  I free motion around the state three times because it looks messy and I prefer messy.

Now place your heart in the area of the city that you want to represent.  This is approximately where Shreveport is located:

Free motion around the heart and then trim the excess fabric and batting from the outside of your free motion state stitches and you will have a Quilted State Key Chain!

I've been making these for my daughter to give to her girlfriends that still live here in the Twin Cities, some that have moved out of state and for those who are from other parts of the state and are living here now.

These are super simple and quick to whip up.  The hardest part is finding the key clip hardware (I found my clips on eBay).  JoAnns and Michaels sell the circle key holders in their jewelry sections and would work just as well as the clips.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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