All I want for Christmas--Holiday Gift Ideas for your Favorite Quilter

I had such a great time at the MMQG quilt retreat a few weeks ago. Having an entire weekend to sew with hardly a break was a dream.

I left the retreat completely re-energized to quilt and feeling good about the progress I had made. I also left the retreat with a growing shopping list of tools and gadgets that I discovered I *need* after hearing about a favorite marking tool, or trying someone else's iron, or just realizing that my sewing setup isn't easily mobilized for sew-ins and retreats.

Given the season, I thought I'd compile some gift ideas based on things I discovered at the retreat as well as all-around gifts that (I think) most quilters would enjoy but a non-quilter might not know how to shop for. Admittedly, this post is a little self serving, as it focuses on a few things that I might like. However, I'm hoping that these ideas might find their way into Santa's inbox so that all "good" quilters of the world find a nice little something under the tree. With 13 shopping days left, here are some holiday gift ideas for the favorite quilter in your life.

Stocking Stuffers: 

Hera Marker-- The Hera Marker is a simple and inexpensive tool for marking simple designs on quilts (straight lines or gentle curves). It doesn't actually "mark" your quilt with ink or chalk, which is the beauty of it. It simply puts a fine crease in the quilt that you can see just well enough to follow along with your machine. No need to wash out, and it works on light or dark fabrics. Colby had this at the retreat, and Annik currently has one of these as part of a larger giveaway on her blog.

Pinmoors--If you are not into spray basting but want an alternative to safety pins, Pinmoors might be a great tool to try. Annik mentioned these at the retreat and I'm pretty curious to try. 

Magnetic Pin Cushion-- Kristin, of And Chips, wrote a lovely ode to her magnetic pincushion on her blog. So simple, but so often the best tools are. 

Charm Packs or Jelly Rolls-- The non-quilter may not know what these are, but these fun little pre-cuts represent endless possibilities wrapped up in a cute little package making them perfect stocking stuffers. Head to your nearest local quilt shop to find a selection of these or try searching on Etsy. 

Thread-- I'm not a huge thread connoisseur, but many quilters are. The good stuff can be a little pricey. To a non-quilter, this will seem very basic and not very exciting (kind of like getting underwear in your stocking). But trust me when I say that a nice pack of thread can generate a lot of goodwill toward the giver. Vanessa and Kristin recently featured some lovely mini quilts using Aurifil's line for Camille Roskelley. So much pretty in a small package!

Fabric Shop Gift Cards-- What quilter doesn't love to buy fabric? A gift card to the local quilt shop or an online marketplace like Etsy provides an opportunity for a little guilt-free indulgence.    

Under the Tree: 

If Santa is a bit handy, maybe he would make you one of Kristin's Big A$$ Ironing Boards, for which she has kindly created a tutorial for here. It might be difficult to get down the chimney, but after using it at the retreat, I'm convinced that I need to have one and hope that Santa will agree.

Quilt sticks starter pack
Quilt Sticks-- I was lucky enough to win a set of these as a door prize at the quilt retreat. I love them. They don't slip when you cut and once you pick your desired strip width, cutting is quick and easy. They are also locally made right here in the Twin Cities.

Kona Color Card-- This was another great giveaway at the retreat. I've always wanted one because though there are endless colors out there, finding the right color for your quilt can be challenging if you don't see all the options together. Having this on hand can help find the right color without guesswork.

Rolling Sewing Machine Tote-- Many people use a regular suitcase for this, but mine is not quite right for my machine. They come in a wide price range (up to very pricy), but those carried by the sewing chain stores (JoAnn, Hancock), often go on sale or can be purchased with a coupon. This is a great gift for the quilter who goes to a lot of classes, sew-ins or retreats.

Fabric Bundle-- I've actually never purchased one for an entire fabric line, which is why it would be one of those really special splurge-type gifts. This is much more of a commitment financially and fabric-wise than a charm pack or jelly-roll , so I recommend having a good idea of what fabric lines your quilter likes before picking one of these up. You could try stalking their Flickr site or Pintrest if he/she has one. Asking them the old fashioned way works too!

I think I've been pretty good this year, and am hoping Santa agrees. What do you hope to find under your tree?



  1. Great post! Now how do I forward this to an email address for 'Santa' to see? :)

  2. Fabulous list! Love the quilt sticks and had never seen them till today, thanks!

  3. Great post, Gina. I bought myself a rolling machine tote at Hancock before the retreat - thought I'd be paying around $40 for it on sale, but it rang up at $29! Merry pre-Christmas to me!


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