Saturday Series: Sewing Away from Home

Although I don't spend a lot of time sewing away from home, it is important to have everything I need when I do. Instead of scrambling around the studio trying to piece together what I need for a certain project when I'm about to hit the road, I keep just about anything that I might need in a travel bag.
 There are lots of them out there.  I use a Yazzi supreme organizer.  It has lots of clear pocket "pages", so I can see where everything is.
 I recently replaced my clumps of tangled embroidery floss with lovely spools of pearl cottons.
 There is even a pocket for my short lived hexi experiment that I will likely pick up again some day.
 One essential thing that I have tucked away in there is my embroidery pocket guide.  A laminated "cheat sheet" for any stitch I may want to try out.
 Another thing that I added this summer while working on our summer "Take it With You"  challenge, is a magnetic board and ruler that I used to work on some cross stitch.
The most important thing hiding in one of the pockets are some fabric pieces ready for embroidery...along with a couple of unfinished projects that may make it out of the bag and into the finished pile someday.

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