Saturday Series: Quilting Away From Home a/k/a The Hexie Bag

Hi everyone, Tracy W. here, and I'm going to share with you my "Hexie Bag".  I don't sit in the car very well on long road trips and when we were looking at colleges with our son a few years ago, I discovered the awesomeness of hexagons.  I've been dragging this bag along with me whenever we head out of town ever since.  Here's the details:
It's a nice, heavy nylon bag with a zipper, which keeps everything in order when I hurl it into the back of the car.  I've guesstimated that I have about 500 hexies made so far.  I've started to sew them together, but discovered that's a bit more time consuming than simply tacking fabric around a paper hexagon.

In addition to the hexies, I have an old leather pencil case that I keep the sharp stuff in:
There's a packet of embroidery needles (which is wrong I know, but they work), small sharp scissors, black and white thread, seam ripper, clips (both the nice, snappy red ones and some old hair clips), thimbles and last, but most importantly, a pair of cheaters.

I also keep a container filled with fabric scraps and paper hexies:

Everything stays nice and neat in the container, just in case I feel like making more hexies instead of tediously sewing them together.

This bag gets around.  Sometimes it doesn't get touched, especially if the weather is nice, but if it's raining and I'm stuck in a small hotel room, cabin or car someplace far from home, there is nothing better than having something to pass the time with -- fabric, thread and a needle...or three (I always lose at least one).

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