Modern Mug Rug

My turn on the blog again! When I was thinking of what I wanted to blog about, I surfed the web and found this free pattern for a mug rug. It's also my mom's birthday in a few weeks so I tackled two birds with one stone and made this for her. I actually made two so she could have a set.

The pattern is "Teacup Block" by Here is a link to the pattern

I used some scraps from Robert Kaufman, RJR, and I think Timeless Treasures. The convenient thing was that I was able to make the tea cup shapes from a precut pack of green, black, and white prints. For the background, I used Kona Cotton from Robert Kaufman - I was supposed to use this green in a challenge we had months ago and never got around to it. LOL). I used scrap batting.

Some details of what I did:

I used fusible web (Steam-a-Seam2 by The Warm Company) and did machine applique using YLI Soft Touch 100% long staple cotton thread. I used a SCHMETZ Topstitch needle size 90/14.

For the mug rug with floral binding, I used a zigzag stitch with a 1.5 length, 1 width. During starting and stopping I used a 1.2 length. I wasn't pleased with the results because the stitches were so small; I wanted the applique stitches to show up more. For the second mug rug, I used a slightly larger stitch length and increased the width to 2.

I made sure to pull the bobbin thread up at the beginning or I found a clump of threads on the back, not attractive! lol. Here is why you want to make sure to do this!

I used a seam ripper to pull the thread up: (would have used my stiletto but who knows where it is. Does anyone else misplace their notions like I do? Or is it just because I sew all over the house in almost every room!. :))

Then, I started sewing with both threads on top.

Here it is ready for trimming, squaring up and binding.


Ready for binding:

I used two inch double-fold binding and did hand binding because I like to do it and also like the way it looks. I always forget how to join the ends of the binding so I refer to this tutorial by Cyd from Completely Blocked blog on "Joining Binding Ends." Here is a link.

Buttercup was there through the whole process to help. Her favorite part is biting the thread as it feeds through the machine. I have to threaten to spray her with the water bottle to keep  her away. LOL.

And, here she is looking all innocent.

Things to do differently next time:
I'm not sure why my safety pins left holes in the cotton; ugh. They are quality ones- Quilter's Curved Safety Pins by Bohin, France. Any insight would be appreciated. I'm also not sure why there is a bit of puckering on the edges of the mug rug with the floral border. Maybe I stitched the binding on to too tightly? (Oh, BTW, for the mug rug with black binding, I used the fold- over technique to join the ends of the binding and don't like it nearly as much as the other technique.)

I know I am not perfect but I am pleased with the way they turned out!

Happy Birthday mom!


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