September Block Lottery - Cathedral Windows

The September Block Lottery is the Cathedral Window.  The finished block will be 10" square and it will have 4 finished windows.  The background is white.  Each of the windows need to have a different color 30s Reproduction Fabric.  The finished blocks for the lottery will look similar to this:

To make this 10" square you will need to make 4 (four) folded white squares that finish to 5" square and 4 (four) 3" squares of 30s reproduction fabrics.

-From the white fabric, cut 4 11" squares
-From the 4 different 30s Reproduction Fabrics, cut a 3" square (for a total of 4 squares)
-From cardstock, cut a 10" square
-Elmer's Washable Glue (optional but highly recommended)

Making the Blocks
The key to a good Cathedral Window is accurate folding and ironing.  The general process is:

1.  Fold and press the edges of the 11" square in so you end up with a 10" square.   The best way to get an accurate 10" square is to place the 10" square piece of cardstock in the center of the 11" square and then iron the edges over it. 

2.  Fold and press the blocks in half each way to find the center of the block.

3.  Bring each corner to the center then press the fold.  The block will be 7" in size.  Repeat a second time.  The block will be 5".

4.  Tack down the points in the center with 2 - 3 stitches each.

5.  Butt 2 squares together and zigzag together.  Repeat with the next 2.  Then butt these together and zigzag - you will have a 10" square when finished with this 2x2 layout.

6.  Place the 3" squares of 30s Reproduction Fabrics in the center of the windows.  Use a bit of washable Elmer's Glue on the back to hold them down during the stitching process.  (You could pin them down too; however, the Elmer's is much more sewer-friendly).

7.  Fold the white fabric back over the 3" squares - it will naturally curve when you fold it back.  Stitch down.  Note:  You can stitch down all 4 windows at the same time by starting at on side and following around all of the sides until you are back to the starting point.

Here are a few links for the folding, pressing, and stitching process (be sure to use the measurements in the Supply list above for the September lottery as some of the links are using different sizes.) (this one shows how to use a cardstock template for the initial folding/pressing


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