Saturday Series: Quilting away from home

I have a habit of packing way more projects than I can finish in a week, let alone the weekend-long trips I've been taking this summer. To keep my over-packing tendencies in check I bought a small pencil case to hold my sewing supplies and a small handwork project. I pack only a project that fits in the pencil case, or a quilt to bind (if I have one at that stage).

I pack the usual tools: needlebook with pins and needles, scissors, seam ripper, thread and pen. For English paper-piecing I have hexie templates and a mini charm pack. Lately I've been using and loving the Clover binding clips for hand-sewing binding on quilts. 

Two not-so-common things I pack for quilting away from home are band-aids and stain wipes. I inevitably jab myself with the needle while hand-sewing and need a band-aid. This summer I've been quilting in the car, at parks and campgrounds, all in the vicinity of my toddler. The stain wipes have come in handy more than once. 

Here's my kit, all ready to go: 


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