Making a Quilt for Someone Special

One of my favorite aspects of quilting is making something that I hope will be just perfect for someone special in my life. I also like surprising people, and of course, a quilt is such a time commitment that this can be a bit risky at times. I mean, what if they don’t like it?
However, I really like to design and give them the finished project without too much input, so I have found some ways to hone in on what would (probably) be liked by the person. The internet has really helped in this area as well, as we all share more of ourselves with a wider audience.

Facebook: seeing what groups people join, the photos they take, and the photos of themselves. These give great clues to their own sense of design and what they like in their home for design. What colors are in their home, their wardrobe….what feelings do their colors, homes, and surroundings evoke? What moves them to share a post, is it waterfalls? Humor? Cartoons? Travel? Philosophy?  All can help with getting design ideas.

Flickr: this is easier when the person is really into photography or some other art and they share it there, great for colors and again, general sense of style.

Instagram: okay, I admit, I have no instagram account, but I know many of my fellow guild members do and would probably endorse this as another method to get to know another’s likes and style sense.

Pinterest: again, pinterest wins the game here for me. Looking through your giftee’s collections of images can give a great idea of what appeals to them and draws them in.

Personal conversation: If I am okay with them knowing I am making them a quilt and I am a bit stuck I will often have them look through an image search of quilts on google to start picking out things they think are cool. This often sparks another idea for me of a direction to go.

Are there other ways you “snoop” to figure out a great quilt or fabric gift for someone? Would love to hear about them!


  1. It's always a stress for me too: what if they don't like the colors, the fabric, the pattern... Even if we know them for so much time ago, it could be really hard. I usually pick up some patterns and fabric ideas on the internet and let them choose, with my help.

  2. Yeah, glad to hear how you do it, I'm sure that can be fun too, builds their excitement!


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