Taking time to play

Sometimes I just want take a break from my big projects and goof off on little things. I blame pinterest for some of this: there are years' worth of exciting inspiration pieces to look at on any given evening. I don't know if any of mine will ever see the light of day as a finished product (or products) but it is super fun and I thought I'd share some of my latest "playtimes."

Usually I get inspired by something and then have to go play with it in my crafting nook.

For example, this gorgeous improv mod mosaic block by Staci at the confused quilter reminded me how much I love the look and I got to playing around:

My playtime got me these two fun little blocks: think I will retry with the thinner strips of solid color fabric next time, though I had lots of fun making these two.

Then I got into a circle phase, which I am not out of yet, but have had to take breaks to work on some baby quilts.

Again, the inspiration

Wee Buttercup has a great quilt called dandelions going to seed?

And this beauty by Wanda at Exuberant Color

Got me going on designing a quilt (fabric has been selected, but not yet cut), but making a few test ideas before getting going.

Cool, but a little more "crisp" than I was in the mood for at the time....

I am in love with this warm tone starburst  variation, I have plans to make a quilt out of a bunch of these in different sizes and somehow getting them all onto one flat surface in some coherent manner.

And then there are wonky frames, which I am in love with, but not patient enough to do in this gorgeous way, this is by A Quilting Jewel from the Madrona Road Challenge Flickr page.

Wonky Road - Madrona Road Challenge Quilt

That got me playing around with a simplified version that did ultimately turn into some blocks for a quilt. They were as fun to make as I'd hoped for!

Here's an early version, once I got the hang of it I kept going with a second layer of "framing". Super fun, though I got carried away and have enough framing already cut to make about 30 more blocks (I really thought I was going to make a whole quilt of wonky frames, but I got distracted by yet another project).

I have no idea if having random blocks laying around with no project to go into is normal, but I figure at some point perhaps I will be inspired to make some kind of projects with them down the road.

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  1. The orange, punk and yellow mosaic is outstanding use of color. Beautiful block!


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