Take It With You

This summer, the Guild has a new challenge: Take It With You.

The challenge is to create anything by hand in the months of the summer (when we tend to travel). it can be knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, hand piecing, hand quilting, even just hand binding!

Since I discovered the 1" hexagon piece, I've been enthralled with English paper piecing. It keeps my hands busy when I cannot be at my sewing machine and gives me the opportunity to fondle pretty squares of fabric.

There are several arrangements for hexagons.

Of course, there is the very traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Hexagon Mini Quilt
A pretty mini by Jen Madsen

Beautiful scrappy, random arrangements of color are a lovely alternative.

hexie quilt finished!
Isn't this a beautiful piece by Melinda - Quirky Granola Girl.
A diamond arrangement could be interesting.

Girls Best Friend in progress

Random layouts with a large amount of negative space are fun.

Tracy's Floating Hexagon quilt
Tracy made this beautiful Floating Hexagon quilt
Or how about ogees inspired by an antique tile arrangement?

Olympic Ogees #1 and 2

I'm working on several things at once, so I'm not sure what will be finished by the time the challenge is due, but I know I'll have fun working on it!

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