Spring Series - Quilt Backs

Hi Everyone! It's Marie here - assigned to one of the last quilt back series. But, since I don't actually make quilts anymore (still working on my challenge quilt though!!), and I think my method for making a back has been covered through and through (using up scraps, extra blocks, whole backs with a vintage sheet, or really any fabric I can find to piece something together), I thought that I would go out on a limb for this post. I challenged myself to think ahead and come up with some creative quilt backs for yet un-started projects in my studio right now.

"What?" you say? Yep - I drew some inspiration from a few different fabrics I have sitting around waiting to be projects and sketched out a potential back for each one. Do you want to see?

I just found out that a couple of friends are having babies in the next 4-8 months, so of course I had to jump at the chance to go buy some fabric for baby quilts (confession: I bought both of these before I found out about baby #2 - but lucky me!).

The first is a mod transportation theme from Timeless Treasures - I think it may be called "Fun". Which seems like a lame name, but whatever - it is pretty fun.

I got a crazy idea a while back of putting a giant graphic on the back of the quilt - like transferring a photo or something, and I think this would be the perfect fabric to use. So I copied the style, drawing a bus and some graphic road lines along the bottom and up the top. I really am loving this idea. You could even use color blocks to form the bus, but if anyone has done photo transferring to fabric - please let me know - I'm so interested!

Next up the second baby quilt - another graphic twist to the original fabric. I think 'Film in the Fridge' had an early quilt with an arrow on it - neat concept and could be really fun for a little kid. The fabric is a Riley Blake "Alphabet Soup" and I also have another coordinating fabric that is a smaller print.

Fun colors, fun graphics...and really I had fun with these quick sketches.

Just to show you another one that I've been working on - hoping it will be the back to my granny square swaps that may be a quilt someday too. I did this with another quilt (top) and really liked the method. I cut bunches of squares and will piece them together to make nine 9-patches. I thought it really helped with the random layout - there wasn't too much to rearrange, because I was only dealing with 9 squares at a time. (Sometimes I'm paralyzed by switching fabrics around, but I found if the 9 squares together look good and balanced, the rest of the 9-patches should too). So I have my stack and drew a quick sketch of what I hope to be the final 'feel'.

So there. I just pushed myself to do something different (thanks blog!) and maybe inspired you to sketch or plan or dream about quilt backs.

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