Back to the backs...

Like a lot of you (c’mon, confess), I am often guilty of neglecting the backs of my quilts until the last possible minute. One of my goals this year is to break this habit and come up with some more varied backs, not just the plain old single-color ones I have tended to favor in the past.

That said, I have occasionally tried to put a little pizzazz into my quilt backs:

Sarah's quilt - front


Sarah's quilt - back

Baby quilt - front



Baby quilt - back

I also have a thrifty side, and have scored a couple of winners at my local Goodwill. The first was a sheet that I stumbled on when I was working on my youngest daughter's quilt last year – it could not be more perfect, color-wise!

Molly's quilt


The second find was purchased completely on an "it could be a quilt back someday" whim, and is now destined for my Swoon quilt.



Not bad for a few bucks!

I also try to label all of my quilts, incorporating something from the quilt top whenever possible.  This is the label from the baby quilt shown above, with a little piece of selvage thrown in for good measure:

And the label for my oldest daughter's quilt, which incorporates an extra block from the front:

It's been so much fun to see all of the lovely quilt backs that you all show at guild meetings - they are so inspiring! 


  1. Great Post! All of these quilts are fabulous! I especially like the colors of the baby quilt. -Rozina

    1. Thanks, Rozina! Lots of American Jane Punctuation fabric in that one. It's one of my favorites too ... so much so that it never quite made it to its intended recipient (oops).

  2. Who knew quilt backs could be so much fun! Think I need to starting looking at the backs as another "project" rather than just fabric!


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