Stretch Break!

We were lucky enough to have a guest speaker for our 10 minute tip at our May meeting.  Julie Mueller (who does Orthopedic and Medical Massage and Craniosacral Therapy) came to give us some pointers on the importance of and proper procedures for stretching.

She suggests regular stretch breaks while sewing and daily stretches after a long hot shower to keep everything working smoothly.  She stressed the importance of moving slowly and holding stretches for up to 3 minutes.

My favorite is the Rumble Roller 
begin sitting, perched on the roller/bolster, rocking and slowly moving up the spine toward cranium
turn roller/bolster so you are lying with bolster running the length of the spine, feet wide

Julie has appointments available for massage Thursday through Monday.  Call or text 612 205-4453

After a quick google search of "stretches for quilters" I found this great little article with good descriptions and some quirky graphics to go along with them.
Ten Exercises for Quilt-makers
“Ten Exercises for Quiltmakers” by Christine N. Brown, American Quilter magazine. 

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