Saturday Series: Quilt Backs

Nikol here from Sewtropolis, I am a day or two late, but here is my Saturday Series continuing the conversation on quilt backs.

I have tried different backings for quilts, whole cloth, pieced, etc. but what I always try to do to the back is stick a label on it! 

When I first started to quilt I didn’t bother putting a label on any of my quilts. I think I figured that I’d never be good enough to ever give any of my quilts away, let alone sell one! I thought a labeling my quilts would seem a bit too ‘pretentious’. But after a few years and a few too many quilts I decided I wanted to remember at least, when I made them.

At first I just wrote my name and the year as small as possible on the back near the binding. Then I moved onto creating a label using a stamp and some sharpie pens.

Recently I’ve been either taking a picture of the quilt and transferring that onto photo cloth. I would then write information about the quilt under the picture. 

I usually put my name, the year I finish the quilt and who I made it for – if I know that ahead of time.

I still don’t label ALL my quilts, but I do label a majority of them. I know that one day when I’m “Dust in the wind”, I want my great grand children to know at least when I finished a quilt. Because I’m sure my quilts are still going to be around if not with my grand children then hopefully in a museum or antique store.

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