Saturday Series: Quilt Backs

It might still feel like the first quarter of 2013 with this cold, snowy spring, but it's already the second quarter and our new Saturday Series is on Quilt Backs. 
On The Road To Spring Quilt Back (this picture is from March 2010. Look, no snow!)
When it comes to finishing up a quilt, getting the back completed means I'm half way there.  I personally feel that putting the back together is like solving a puzzle.  I try and use fabric that I have in my stash plus any blocks and scraps left over from the quilt top. I get so many comments from non-quilters that many of my quilt backs look like they could be the front.  I think people just expect a single piece of fabric on the backsides of quilts, but I see it as a blank canvas.

Sometimes they come together easily.  This one is jut a lot of green fabric and leftover pieced blocks from the front which were just sewn together. Quick, easy and economical.

Sometimes I get carried away and wind up making way too many blocks than are need for the quilt top.  This is a good thing if they can be pieced together easily for the back.  However, on this quilt back I may have bit off more than I could chew.  The blocks didn't line up in easy, square sections, which is what my skill level can handle. But once it was all quilted and washed, you couldn't really tell that the seams weren't perfect.

I have found that piecing together solids can make a visually bold quilt back. I always check the remnant rack at JoAnn's and pick up any and all Kona solids that I can find.  These quilt backs are made up of mostly remnants and some other Kona that I had in my stash.  The lesson learned on these two quilt backs is dark brown and black fabric will show all of your quilting errors when using white thread.
This back was put together using some fat quarters that I had on hand plus left over solids from the front of the quilt.
What I enjoy most about quilt backs is that there is no pattern, no rules, just your imagination and using what you have on hand.  You can be as creative as you like or just keep it simple and understated.  
So don't just show off the front of your quilts; show off the backs too!

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